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International Organizations That Help Children Around the World

Extending your help to the most vulnerable sector in the world is one of the most fulfilling things to do, particularly in lowly communities. However, finding the right organizations that help children can be challenging with the number of charities available today.

No worries! We got you covered!

In this article, we will discuss several charities aiming to help poor kids worldwide. Read through each before sending your donations to make the most of this fantastic venture.

1.      Sueños de Yarali

Back in 2000, the founders of our organization started distributing school supplies to a school in Honduras. The event was a success, getting the attention of both private individuals and companies aiming to help children in poor communities.

Suenos de Yarali aims to help kids from low-income families live a better future by providing basic things, including food, clothing, school supplies, and more. As of today, the charity has helped children in more than five countries, including Guatemala, Peru, Columbia, Honduras, and USA.

With the help of various companies and private individuals, this charity aims to reach more countries in the next few years, bringing more smiles while empowering kids to embrace a better future.

2.      International Literacy Association

Known for their goal to improve kids’ literacy, The International Literacy Association has more than 300,000 people working together to achieve their mission.

Through proper implementation of various programs, this charity dedicates itself to helping children improve their reading habits and learn skills beneficial for their growth. As such, the beneficiaries can enjoy a bright and happier future.

3.      SharetheMeal World Food Program

If you want a charity that focuses on improving kids’ health, SharetheMeal may be right for you.

Under the United Nations World Food Program, SharetheMeal aims to end hunger by feeding poor children in different countries. For as low as $10.40, sponsors in this organization can already feed 13 children from poor communities worldwide.

Just download the official app, and you can easily send in your donations. Aside from that, you can also choose the beneficiary’s country through the app, making the most out of your charity work. This makes SharetheMeal among the best organizations that help children

4.      Save the Children

Operating in more than 120 countries, Save the Children aims to help kids amidst various crisis, including wars and natural calamities.

By raising money, this foundation is committed to providing the basic needs of vulnerable children in war-torn areas and other locations affected by natural disasters. This includes offering food, clean water, and clothing, among others.

Aside from that, this organization also advocates for children’s education and better health care everywhere globally, making them among the best organizations that help children.

5.      Project Night Night

To support homeless children world-wise, consider supporting Project Night Night.

With a minimum donation of $25, your gift can comfort a homeless child. This amount provides a tote filled with stuffed animals, books, blankets, and other basic needs to comfort the beneficiaries.

In addition to monetary donations, you can also send in new blankets, toys, and books via mail. Those donations will fill up tote packages for homeless kids in various shelters.

While it is true that life is hard, an act of kindness, whether via monetary help or volunteering services, can significantly impact poor kids worldwide. With your donations, you can empower the next generation to embrace a better and happier future.

Sueños de Yarali is one with the international community in helping alleviate poverty.

Are you looking for a reputable non-profit organization committed to helping kids in need? Look no further than Suenos de Yarali!

With your donation, less fortunate kids living in Honduras, Columbia, Peru, and other beneficiary countries can already enjoy new school supplies, food, and more necessary for their daily needs. What are you waiting for? DONATE NOW and start empowering more children worldwide!

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