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Children's Nonprofit FAQs

Donors and volunteers may have some questions about the children’s nonprofit operations here at Sueños de Yarali. To those interested to know more about our organization, we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common FAQs we get for our children’s nonprofit. Scroll through to find the answer for your question. If you don’t see it, use the form on the right to ask it.

  • Does your children's nonprofit accept volunteers?

    Yes, Sueños de Yarali is open to volunteers! Those interested in becoming volunteers may read more about this on our volunteer page. After reading up on what we do, you interested applicants may send their email to Our representative will be in touch for more details about the application.

  • How do I become a monthly sponsor?

    People interested in becoming monthly sponsors for Sueños de Yarali may reach out to us at for more details. We will provide you with all necessary information, including becoming a sponsor.

  • How much of my donation goes to help the children?

    As much as possible, we want to make sure that almost all the donations reach the intended beneficiaries completely. Here at Sueños de Yarali, the children receive more than 95% of total donations to our organization. The rest are dedicated to organizing more fundraisers as well as paying for administration fees.

    Please note if you use PayPal to send your donation, your bank or PayPal may charge you a transaction fee.

  • Where do you get your financial support from?

    We get most of our funds through the financial support of our donors, raffle ticket sales, and other types of fundraisers we organize throughout the whole year. In fact, about 95% of the funds in the organization come from these types of donations and fundraisers. Our financial stability is all thanks to the generous donors and those who are always ready to participate in our fundraisers.

  • Where do you send your donations?

    The donations go to children in target areas needing support to get their childhood in order. We specifically go to areas with children in need of necessities for survival. We also target areas where children need to add support for their education. Our goal is to help as many children from different countries around the world.

  • Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

    No, we do not have affiliations with other organizations. Sueños de Yarali is a children’s nonprofit run independently by its organizers and volunteers. We only partner with sponsors, churches, and other people willing to donate their time and resources for the benefit of the children in need.

  • Who are your partners?

    We partner with an exceptional network of different sponsors, churches, and individuals who are willing to donate their time and money for this cause.

  • Can people send checks to the organization?

    Yes, for those who prefer to send checks, please can mail it to our address at 23655 Newhall Ave., Ste C, Newhall, CA 91321.

  • How can I request Sueños de Yarali to donate in community or village?

    People can send requests so that we can make arrangements with the community. Please have your church reach out to us at to discuss the potential local programs in detail.

  • Do I get a receipt for my donation?

    Yes, we send out donation receipts to the email address or physical address provided to us. If you want to request a receipt, you may reach out to us at Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes, the donations made to Sueños de Yarali are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.


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