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Hurricanes & Pandemic Relief

We work providing humanitarian aid to communities affected by the pandemic or a natural disaster. Our goal is to provide support to affected populations, particularly the most vulnerable. We show solidarity by distributing basic food baskets, cleaning and personal hygiene kits, protective equipment, disinfectant gel, clothing, blankets, and shoes. In addition, we help public hospitals, providing them with protective equipment such as gloves and face masks.

The devastation always leaves thousands of families without their homes or basic needs to survive. Many of them having no choice than to go to shelters where food and clothing are very scarce.

Sueños de Yarali helps these families and their children during these difficult times. Let’s come together to help the victims of hurricanes, pandemics, and other natural disasters. You can make a difference by making a donation at:


***Facebook: Sueños de Yarali

***Send a check payable to Sueños de Yarali


***Venmo: @SuenosdeYarali