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COVID-19 Hunger Relief

Sueños de Yarali is a nonprofit that believes and works towards humanitarian causes helping children and families around the world. By donating to the COVID-19 Suenos de Yarali fund, you are helping those most affected by this crisis. We helped thousands of families by providing a food basket with basic home and food supplies. We are also strong believers that toys play an immense role in the development of a child which is why we strive to provide a small toy for every child in the households we provide the food baskets for. We hope to give the whole family a small Christmas miracle to help ease the load of the pandemic.

Every year, the volunteers at Sueños de Yarali work side by side to raise funds, holding raffles and food fundraisers. More than 95% of the funds used by Sueños de Yarali to help others come from these activities.

That is why we need your help today! We hope that you can support us in this cause so that we can continue to change lives. At Sueños de Yarali we love what we do, but together we do it better.

We invite you to visit our website at  to learn more about our cause.