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Children’s Charity Near Me

Sueños de Yarali is a children’s charity serving areas in North, Central, and South America. This nonprofit focuses on granting donations to projects dedicated to children in need. Sueños de Yarali seeks to create a tangible and measurable impact on each of its beneficiaries. Those who want to get support from Sueños de Yarali may send a formal application to its official channels.

Interested in getting support from Sueños de Yarali?

If you’re looking for children’s charity near me to create projects for kids, welcome to our site!

Children from all over the world experience hunger and poverty daily. Sueños de Yarali wants to help empower this sector for their future independence. Those who want to create projects for children in need may reach out to see if they qualify.

All individuals interested in getting support from Sueños de Yarali should do the following:

  • Be familiar with the history and mission of the organization
  • Know the goals and objectives of this charity
  • Understand the priority geographic approach of the team
  • Know the programmatic areas of this organization

What are the programmatic areas of Sueños de Yarali?

Sueños de Yarali specializes in assisting areas involving children in need. Those who want to apply for program assistance should have any of these in their projects:

  • Programs that support and seek the participation of children living in extreme poverty
  • Projects that focus on the academic development of students (Example: providing backpacks with back-to-school toolkits)
  • Programs that involve children living in vulnerable socioeconomic circles
  • Projects that seek to make children smile on special occasions like Children’s Day (giving out treats, toys, snacks, and chocolates)
  • Programs that focus on helping children fight the cold (Example: providing socks, gloves, blankets, and winter hats)
  • Projects focused on providing water and sanitation to children in need
  • Workshops for caretakers, parents, teachers, and special children with disabilities
  • Projects that support humanitarian emergencies for children

If the application project for specific communities involves any of the programmatic areas above, then there is a higher likelihood for project approval.

Are there any projects Sueños de Yarali will not consider?

Yes, there are programs that Sueños de Yarali may beg off. Here are some of the instances when Sueños de Yarali might reconsider donating:

  • If the project involves situations that have extensive media coverage
  • Projects affiliated with partisan politics
  • Organizations with no history of international financing
  • Organizations that entirely rely on international financing
  • Religious programs that serve only the people within that religion
  • Individual projects (research projects, film, photography, etc.)
  • Programs related to animals like shelters
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Sporting events

How to send an application to Sueños de Yarali

Those who want to apply may fill out a form (available in English and Spanish) and send it to the group’s email address. The official email address of this children’s charity is Emails should have the subject of “Request for Support.

One can also mail their application to the following address:

Sueños de Yarali: Attn:

RE: Request for Support

23655 Newhall Ave Suite C

Newhall, CA 91321

Contact Sueños de Yarali

Do you want to propose a project to Sueños de Yarali? You might want to stop searching for children’s charity near me and learn more about our organization. If you have inquiries about the application process, timelines, or anything else, you may contact us through our official channels. Reach out to us at 888-992-7254 or send an email to to know more!