History Of Our Children's Charity

In honor of their daughter Yarali Stephanie, Dreams of Yarali was founded and is now present in five different countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

Dreams of Yarali is now conformed by approximately 50 volunteers located in different countries and multiple donors and sponsors.


While the mission started in Honduras, during their travel to different countries, the founders continued to see the need to help children in similar situations
About Dreams of Yarali

Sueños de Yarali (Dreams of Yarali) is a children’s charity that seeks to give assistance to kids and their families facing poverty. All over the world, so many children need food, clothing, education, and other basic necessities to grow and develop. It is the goal of this children’s charity to pave the way for these children to have a chance to live a better life.

We give smiles to children and a chance to improve their quality of life. We cannot change the world, but we can change a child’s life. We have helped more than 30,000 children in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, and the United States of America.

Where it all began

Even before instituting Sueños de Yarali as a children’s charity, the founders of this organization already organized donation drives for children. They started in a school in Honduras, providing school suppliers to children facing extreme poverty. In 2000, they began to donate consistently to this school, not just in the form of school supplies but also by giving away toys.

Sueños de Yarali started small, supporting just one classroom at their initial donation drives. Over time, they increased the donations so that they would cover another classroom. Eventually, through hard work and patience, they were finally able to donate to the entire school.

The donation drives did not just stop after a successful project in Honduras. Over time, they expanded their reach and increased their donations even more. It reached neighboring schools and villages, and it gained even more ground soon after.

Expansion beyond Honduras

As the years passed, more organizations and private individuals volunteered their time and money to support this children’s charity. The founders traveled to different countries and saw that poverty does affect children everywhere, regardless of where they live. This is why they expanded beyond Honduras and also started projects in North America, South America, and Central America.

The official founding of Sueños de Yarali (Dreams of Yarali)

To make this children’s charity official, the founders instituted Sueños de Yarali (Dreams of Yarali) in honor of their little angel Yarali Stephanie. It now operates in several countries: Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and USA.

This organization now has around 50 volunteers altogether scattered across the five countries mentioned above. It also has numerous sponsors and donors across the globe.

What does Sueños de Yarali do?

This children’s charity recognizes the difficulties kids and their families face in relation to poverty. To help these people find a little support and comfort as they go about their daily lives, Sueños de Yarali created several campaigns. Here are some of the things Sueños de Yarali does as a nonprofit for kids:

·         Provide school supplies to children

This is where Sueños de Yarali started, and this type of project is something they still do today. Investing in education is key to helping children grow into kind, emphatic, and successful individuals. Children would no longer stay out of school simply because they have no supplies. Now, they can have the materials needed to study and focus on school with the help of Sueños de Yarali.

·         Give away food baskets and meals.

Another aspect of poverty that Sueños de Yarali seeks to address is hunger. Children would not grow healthily if they have nothing to eat or if their meals are not good enough. This charity gives away food baskets and meals to children and their families, so they can focus on their tasks and studies.

·         Distribute toys children can play with.

Children should have a chance to act like children—without heavy responsibilities, free to play around and be silly with their friends. Unfortunately, this doesn’t often happen in areas with extreme poverty, as children are forced to start working early. To address this, Sueños de Yarali gives away toys to children to remind them that they deserve to enjoy the little things.

Children should be afforded the chance to enjoy their youth. This is what Sueños de Yarali seeks to resolve.

Apart from these, Sueños de Yarali also provides hygiene kits and cleaning products to the kids and their families.

A Call for Children’s Charity Volunteers and Donors

The current operation of Sueños de Yarali would not be possible without the help of our kind volunteers and generous donors. Be part of a charity that focuses on the upbringing and development of the future—the children.

Although Sueños de Yarali only instituted itself formally in 2016, its founders have more than two decades of experience creating projects that help children and their families in different pockets of South, Central, and North America.

Sueños de Yarali is all about helping children, and we can make even greater strides with your help. So, contact us now and let us know how you want to help!

These are the countries that have benefited from our donations:
2023-2024 Donations
  • February 2023 – Guatemala
  • February 2023 – Honduras
  • May 2023 – Mexico
  • August 2023 – Mexico
  • December 2023 – Honduras
  • January 2024 – Argentina
  • February 2024 – Guatemala
2021-2022 Donations
  • May 2021 – Guatemala
  • May 2021- Mexico
  • June 2021 – Honduras
  • September 2021 – Peru
  • October 2021 – Colombia
  • November 2021 – California (USA)
  • December 2021 – Mexico
  • December 2021 – Honduras
  • September 2022 – September
  • August 2022 – Peru
  • February 2022 – Guatemala
  • March 2022 & September 2022 – Honduras
  • December 2022 – Mexico
2019-2020 Donations
  • September 2019 – Colombia
  • December 2019 – Mexico
  • January 2020 – Guatemala
  • January 2020 – Honduras
  • May 2020 – Guatemala
  • May -Honduras
  • August 2020 – Arizona (USA)
  • September 2020 – Arizona (USA)
  • October 2020 – México
  • October 2020 – Ecuador
  • October 2020 – Colombia
  • October 2020 – Guatemala
  • October 2020 – El Salvador
  • November 2020 – California (USA)
  • December 2020 – Honduras
  • December 2020 – Arizona (USA)
  • December 2020 – Mexico


Our mission is to be a positive change factor in the lives of the poorest and least opportunity children and communities in the world, offering them the possibility of comprehensive development and helping them build a decent future, promoting their education and providing them with what is necessary for their academic and emotional progress.

Likewise, we want to rescue the joy of children by creating an atmosphere of love where they feel valued and inspire them the desire to succeed, aiming to bring about really effective changes and improvements in their lives, providing them with appropriate tools and knowledge, being the protagonists of their progress themselves.



We strive to be a globally represented Organization, forging the dream of helping the world’s most vulnerable children and communities, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Our goal is to help children and communities in extreme poverty to have access to decent education and a prosperous future, taking children away from the streets and the violence around them.


Sueños de Yarali couldn’t help kids without the support from our sponsors and donors. Learn more about these sponsors and donors and how you can join us in our mission to give kids a chance to smile.

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