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5 Ways to Find Children’s Charities Near Me


Not all children are born with equal opportunities in life. Some are born into poverty, and it is not their choice. It is not their choice to have homeless parents nor is it their choice that their parents are jobless. It is not their fault that their parents are into illegal substances or that their parents are hurting them. With this in mind, more and more people now ask, “How can I find children’s charities near me?”

Many children need help. What may seem so little to the donors can mean the whole world for these children. Here are the five ways to find trusted children’s charities near you.

1.      Ask Google

Today’s generation is luckier in a sense. Whenever they want to know about or find something, all one needs to do is ask Google. People looking for reputable children’s charities can also use this powerful tool so that they can reach out to children in need. Simply use the keywords children’s charities near me or your location (i.e., Santa Clarita, California). The return page will show a list of children’s charities near the area.

2.      Visit GoFundMe And Other Similar Sites

Many individuals and organizations go to GoFundMe to look for help or to find ways to donate. In addition, many people use the platform to raise funds for medical, emergency, education, and non-profit needs. The platform protects donations, and fundraisers can use the power of social media to extend their reach.

3.      Check the Local Council

No matter their target recipients, charities and fundraising organizations need to register with the state or the city. The requirements may differ from state to state, but this allows the government to regulate fundraising activities.

Charities must meet the state’s requirements of where they operate before they can engage in any solicitation activities. People looking for children’s charities near Santa Clarita, California can go to their local city or state council. By doing so, they are assured of donating only to legit and law-abiding fundraising organizations.

4.      Join Volunteer Groups

When people join volunteer groups, they also get to meet people who are passionate about the same cause. Joining volunteer groups allow people to widen their network. Through this network of same-minded people, they can be introduced to children’s charities that operate in their area.

5.      Join Social Network Groups

Aside from joining volunteer groups, joining social network groups can also help find nearby children’s charity groups. For example, there are Facebook groups dedicated to non-profit organizations. Through these groups, interested donors can get to know children’s charities that they may want to sponsor.

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