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5 Reasons to Donate to Children’s Charity


The children are our future, so the song goes. But how can children have a bright future for children if they live under unfavorable conditions? According to a World Bank-UNICEF study released in 2020, approximately 356 million live in extreme poverty worldwide. Donate to children’s charity to help empower children and give them a dignified life ahead.

Why donate to children’s charity?

Practically speaking, monetary donations to children’s charity help improve the economic conditions of those who are financially challenged. However, poverty is not just the lack of money. It also means a lack of access to education, sanitation, health, housing, water, or nutrition. For this, givers help address these shortages and contribute to the improvement of the lives of the beneficiaries.

Donating to a children’s charity can be beneficial to the giver and the receiver. Here is a more detailed discussion of why one should donate to charitable institutions for kids:

1.      Donating to children’s charities can change children’s lives.

As mentioned earlier, donations can help improve the living conditions of children. For instance, organizations that focus on children’s education use the funds for the instruction of the children under their care. Organizations that focus on children’s health have programs that provide long-term care to the physical, mental, and psychological well-being of kids. Donations can have a positive impact on the lives of children.

2.      Giving to children’s charity is good for one’s health.

Giving makes people happier and healthier. In one research, participants responded that they are more likely to experience joy when giving money to someone else compared to spending the money on themselves. Even the science of neurochemistry supports the positive effects of giving. Accordingly, giving activates the brain areas responsible for pleasure and social relations.

3.      Donations to children’s charity are tax deductible.

In most jurisdictions, contributions to qualified charitable institutions are subject to tax deductions. In addition, individuals and organizations engaged in business reduce the amount of income subject to tax when they give a donation.

4.      It cultivates a culture of giving.

This is especially true for parents with children. There is truth to the saying “monkey see, monkey do.” Children imitate the behaviors of their parents and those who are close to them. Therefore, kids who see or know that their parents donate to children’s charity are more likely to grow up as generous kids. In addition, giving also inspires other people to share. People are more encouraged to donate when the people around them are generous givers. Charitable giving is contagious.

5.      It makes children happy.

The direct impact of giving to children’s charity organizations is on the children that they care for. A small amount given on a regular basis monthly can feed many starving children or give them much-needed medical attention. Children feel loved and cared for when their basic needs are met.

Help provide children’s basic needs through Suenos de Yarali.

When choosing to donate to children’s charity, choose which cause is closest to one’s heart. Do research to make sure that the organization is legitimate and existing. International children’s charitable organizations are likely to have local offices in different countries, which makes it easier to verify their existence.

Suenos de Yarali is an organization aimed at helping children in various ways. Founded in 2016, this nonprofit charitable organization for kids provides the basic needs of children, namely, food, school supplies, clothing, and toys. Suenos de Yarali also provides hygiene kits and COVID-19 protection equipment to the children and their families.

We aim to provide children in need with the basic necessities of life. We have been helping children across North America, Central America, and South America, and we continuously partner with various individuals and organizations to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children. You may contact us at 888-992-7254 or send an email to Our physical office is located at 23655 Newhall Ave Suite C, Santa Clarita, CA 91321.